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According to research, social media networks are the one of the most popular ways to research brands, that being said social media management become an important process for every business.  While showcasing your business online Your brand needs to be engaging, posting and sharing constantly—but who has time for that? Leave that up to us, customers2unow makes sure that all your social media accounts are well managed.

Outsourcing your Social media management helps save time, save money, and increases and engages your audience.


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    Quality Content

    We focus on quality content:

    It is good to have a regular flow of quality content, we make sure the things we post, makes sense and promotes the brand well, the content we share is re shareable and retweeted, it can be passed on and across the industry we are dealing with, a targeted audience is what is needed to promote a brand well.

    Good content lasts longer it just doesn’t trend for a week or few days and disappear. We aim at relevant content.

    We make sure to Analyze Data:

    Data provided should be authentic and credible; sharing something that is not true puts your brand credibility at stake, therefore it is important that the quality, quantity and credibility, all three are important factors in social media management and we understand it’s importance.


    It is important to interact and engage with your audience while you manage your social media accounts; the simple rule applied here is that if you interact with others they will interact with you!

    We use social media analytics:

    With the vast number of metrics available there is a lot you can do with social media analytics, the data and the numbers with reflect your popularity, what audience dislikes and what is most popular amongst which segment of the population, analytics can come out with many important findings, and let’s not forget that our goal is to expand and engage the followers while driving them to the site.

    Being Real:

    Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn we all have a tendency to follow a real person’s account. According to a survey, 83% of companies have reported that they deal with questions or complaints sent via social media. This is a great way to show that your company cares and there is a face and personality behind that social media account.

    Managing social media accounts is a constant work in progress and is definitely never-ending. Keeping an eye out to see how social media network’s new algorithms will affect your organic visibility while being alert about metrics and engagement across all channels.

    Customers 2U Now can help manage your business social media profile. We specialize in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.


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